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  • What is Couples Intensive Therapy?

    Advantages of a Couples Intensive Program: Revitalizing Relationships Through Focused Effort

    Couples often face challenges through the years that strain their relationship, leading to conflicts, emotional distance, miscommunication and dissatisfaction. Janelle Washburne’s Accelerated Couples Intensive Therapy program offers a concentrated and immersive approach to address these issues, fostering deeper understanding and connection immediately.

    Traditional couples therapy, typically conducted in weekly or bi-weekly sessions, may not always provide the immediate, in-depth support needed for couples facing significant issues. Problems such as chronic communication breakdowns, deep-seated resentments, infidelity, or major life transitions require more focused attention than traditional therapy formats can offer. The slow pace of traditional therapy can lead to prolonged stress and limited progress.

    Janelle’s Accelerated Couples Intensive Therapy program condenses months of therapy into 1 or 2 days, with follow up sessions as an option, providing an immersive experience that allows couples to deeply engage with their concerns and to make substantial progress in a short period. 

    What is an Accelerated Couples Intensive?

    1. Immediate, Focused Intervention: My couples intensives provide immediate and concentrated support, addressing urgent relationship issues during the course of 1 or 2 days together (follow up sessions are available after to keep the progress going in the right direction). 
    2. Extended Sessions: Longer therapy sessions allow for thorough exploration of problems and development of comprehensive strategies for resolution. In traditional therapy the time is up right when couples are getting to the heart of the matter which often feels disheartening.
    3. Customized Approach: Your intensive is tailored to the specific needs and dynamics of YOU, the couple, ensuring relevant and practical interventions that are specific to you and your relationship. I don’t use a cookie cutter, one therapeutic model, for each couple. I tailor our time together specifically for you. 

    Advantages of an Accelerated Couples Intensive Program:

    1. Rapid Progress: The immersive nature of the program allows for quicker resolution of issues, providing immediate relief and momentum for change in one day together. 
    2. Deep Exploration: Extended sessions enable in-depth exploration of underlying issues, helping couples uncover and address root causes of their problems.
    3. Enhanced Skills: Couples gain practical communication and conflict-resolution tools and skills that can be applied long-term, improving relationship dynamics.
    4. Strengthened Connection: Intensive focus on the relationship helps rekindle emotional and physical intimacy, fostering a deeper connection between partners.
    5. Personalized Attention: You’ll receive Janelle’s focused attention for the day as well as customized therapeutic interventions address the unique needs of each couple, ensuring relevant and effective support.
    6. Breakthrough Moments: The concentrated effort often leads to significant breakthroughs and insights that might take months to achieve in traditional therapy.

    Next Steps…

    1. Identify the Need for Intensive Therapy:
      • Assess Relationship Issues: Determine if your relationship issues are severe, chronic, or require immediate attention. Issues such as infidelity, major life changes, or ongoing communication problems may necessitate intensive therapy.
      • Consult Janelle Washburne to discuss whether an Accelerated Couples Intensive is suitable for your situation. Janelle can provide insights and guidance based on the severity and nature of your issues during a virtual consultation.
    2. Be ready to be Fully Engaged
      •  Approach the intensive program with an open mind and a willingness to fully engage, learn something new and be open to change. 
      • Participate Actively: Actively participate in all exercises, discussions, and activities. The more effort you put into our day together, the more you will get out of it.
      • Implement Learnings: Apply the strategies and tools learned during the intensive program to your daily life. Consistent application will help reinforce positive changes.

    Janelle’s couples intensive program offers a powerful and effective way to address significant relationship issues. By recognizing the need for an accelerated path using intensive couple’s therapy and fully engaging in the process, couples can achieve rapid progress, deepen their connection, and build a stronger, healthier relationship immediately. 

    I look forward to chatting with you to determine if the Accelerated Couples Intensive Therapy program is right for you. Email me at: [email protected]