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    Couple Therapy and Immersive Programs

    *Are you feeling disconnected, unloved or lonely in your relationship?

    *Have you become too busy to have time for each other? 

    *Has your communication or relationship felt like a mine field?

    *Are you and your partner living like roommates without a sexual spark?

    Unfortunately so many relationships fall into disrepair. 

    Your relationship deserves your time and attention. 

    Together we’ll make it better than EVER!!

    *Learn the “SECRETS” of great communication

    *End fights faster and more productively

    *Create more closeness and connection

    *Have the relationship that you’ve been craving 

    *Discover how to balance mismatched desire

    *Be the happiest couple in the room  

    I offer an Accelerated Private Immersive Program (in person) where we can accomplish more FASTER or traditional 50-110 minute Couple Therapy (via teletherapy).

     I’m an interactive and engaged therapist/coach who will  help you learn to relate and communicate with each other in a healthier way that works for both of you. I’ll show you how to have a GREAT relationship that works for both of you!! LETS GET STARTED…

    The private accelerated immersive program options consist of: 

    1. Reconnect with Passion Program (Bronze): includes a full day one on one couples session to solve problems and get you back on track. OR

    2. Ignite the Passion Program (Gold): includes a full day one on one couples session, 3-2 hr follow up sessions. We’ll create long lasting positive effects in your relationship with follow up sessions to stay on track. OR

    3. Passion for Life Program (Platinum): includes a full day one on one couples session, 6- 2 hr follow up sessions. In this program you’ll become your own experts on your relationship and you’ll know how to keep the passion ALIVE long term! 

    In just the first day of the Immersive Couple’s program we’ll accomplish what takes 3-6 months to do in traditional therapy.  The immersion program is offered IN PERSON also.



    Janelle you saved our marriage! Another therapist said we shouldn’t be together but you saw our strengths! Now we’re stronger than we ever thought was possible! Thank you so much!!” K

    You’re incredible and we appreciate YOU very much for getting us back on track. Hugs. T&S”

    My practice is poly and kink-aware and LGBTQIA-inclusive. I respect all races, cultures, religions (or none), ages, ethnicities, abilities, and erotic templates.

    *There is no sexual contact between the couple or between the couple and therapist during this program.

    What ultimately counts in the life of the couple is what happens after their courtship, love affair or infatuation phase. What counts is their ability to be there for one another, no matter what.
    – Stan Tatkin

    Getting the Most from Relationship Therapy: 

    Transparent, kind, and respectful communication is the foundation of all healthy relationships. I can show you how you can feel more engaged and capable of sharing as you learn new relationship tools and skills. You’ll learn how to deal with complicated subjects, presented in a way that allows for open yet sensitive discussion.

    Repairing a relationship is a team effort, and I offer the support and coaching you need to do it. You will learn practical skills that you can use at home on your own. You’ll feel empowered to move toward a healthy, positive, satisfying, intimate relationship. Each relationship is unique. Let me tailor your relationship retreat just for YOU!!

    Contact me today to create the relationship of your dreams.

    One of the most important discoveries a couple can make is that it is possible to shift into a pro-relationship stance.– Stan Tatkin