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    Couples Sex Therapy in Denver, CO: Enhance Intimacy and Reignite Passion

    -Do you feel too stressed out and too busy to even think about, let alone want sex?

    -Do you feel like roommates and don’t feel like you’ll ever be able to intimately connect again?

    -Are you and your partner looking to improve your emotional and intimate connection?

    -Would you like to reignite the passion in your relationship? 

    Your mental health and relationship are as important as your physical health!! Let’s make time for your relationship!!


    Email Janelle at: [email protected]

    I’m Janelle Washburne, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist that offers couples sex therapy services in Denver, Colorado. When we work together we’ll tailor therapy to help you overcome sexual challenges and enhance your physical and emotional bonds with your partner. As an experienced couples sex therapist, I help to create a safe and supportive environment to address your concerns and help you achieve a satisfying and fulfilling intimate life.

    If you’re open to understanding each other on a deeper level, practicing ways to become closer, being coached to learn more effective ways to communicate so both of you feel heard…then Couples Therapy with Janelle would be a great fit for you!! 

    Addressing Sexual Challenges Together

    Couples sex therapy, with Janelle, provides a space for partners to openly discuss their sexual concerns and work together to find solutions. My goal is to help you address a variety of issues, including mismatched libidos, performance anxiety, painful intercourse and communication difficulties related to sex and sexuality. By uncovering the underlying factors contributing to these challenges, you will have solutions and feel more able to create a more satisfying and connected intimate life.

    Enhance Intimacy and Connection with Marriage Sex Therapy

    In a long-term relationship or marriage, maintaining a strong intimate connection can be challenging but it is crucial to the health of a relationship for many. Couples sex therapy services are designed to help you and your spouse explore your desires, build trust, and communicate openly about your sexual needs. With a sex positive lens, evidence-based guidance and tools you can deepen your emotional intimacy, improve your sexual satisfaction, and strengthen your bond.

    *There is no sexual contact between the couple or between the couple and therapist during therapy.

    The Benefits of Couples Sex Therapy

    Engaging in couples sex therapy or marriage sex therapy, with Janelle, can provide numerous benefits for your relationship, including:

    • Improved communication about sexual desires and boundaries
    • Enhanced understanding of each other’s sexual needs and preferences
    • Greater emotional intimacy and trust
    • Strategies for overcoming sexual challenges
    • Tools for maintaining a fulfilling and satisfying intimate life

    Sex-Positive Therapy

    As a sex-positive therapist, I’ll help you address your sexual concerns in a welcoming, affirming, and supportive space. You deserve to be heard, seen, and respected in our work together.

    Sex-positive therapy values all aspects of sexuality, reduces shame, reinforces self-esteem, and strengthens intimate relationships. I strive to provide space to find healing from sexual shame and trauma. You are not broken. I will support you in your journey to find your sexual voice and identity. As a result, you will be closer to living authentically as your true self.

    My practice serves the LGBTQIA community, all faiths or none and I am poly- and kink-aware. When you visit me for therapy, you can expect an inclusive, respectful environment that serves relationships, couples, and individuals of all identities, expressions, ethnicities and  faiths.

    Email Janelle at: [email protected]

    Therapy for Sexual Trauma: A Space to Heal

    The ability to form close, sexual relationships through physical intimacy varies from person to person. A history of sexual abuse, broken boundaries, emotional disconnection, or traumatic experiences can make sexual intimacy confusing and difficult. As a consequence, these complications may affect an individual’s ability to establish and maintain safe, healthy, and intimate relationships.

    If you have experienced sexual trauma, healing is possible. I assist clients through sexual abuse therapy and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy (when indicated). This type of therapy can help you regain a positive sexual self-concept and voice. I can help you reclaim your sexuality, feel healthy, and experience pleasure in a way that is most comfortable for you.

    My Approach to Couples Sex Therapy

    At my Denver-based couples sex therapy practice, I take a holistic and personalized approach to addressing intimacy issues. By utilizing an attachment lens, emotional connection, evidence-based techniques and interventions I strive to foster a warm, non-judgmental and empathetic environment. I can help you and your partner navigate your unique relationship and sexual challenges.

    Start Your Couples Sex Therapy Journey Today

    Don’t let intimacy challenges hold your relationship back. Email Janelle for couples sex therapy in Denver, CO, to take the first step toward building trust and reigniting passion in your relationship. 

    Email Janelle at: [email protected]

    Couples sessions begin at 50 minutes long for $200 however longer sessions are often suggested. 

    If you’re interested in maximizing the potential for change in a short time see my page for a personalized private COUPLES INTENSIVE DAY OR TWO.

    **Couples therapy would not be right for you if you’re dealing with untreated psychiatric issues or severe addiction, or if there’s intimate partner violence, we encourage you to seek individual therapy first. 

    *I welcome people of all faiths (or none), ethnicities, race, LGBTQ+, gender identities and relationship configurations. *