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    Couples Sex Therapy and Accelerated Intensive Programs

    *Are you wanting more from your relationship and sex life?

    *Are you living like roommates and too busy to connect?

    *Do you have mismatched sexual desires or low desire?

    *Has there been an infidelity that is creating a wedge in your relationship?

    *Are you struggling with sexual pain, trauma or unpredictable erections?

                 There is HOPE! You are not broken!! 

    As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified AASECT Sex Therapist for over 15 years I’ll help you make your relationship or marriage better than you ever imagined!! 

    You deserve to be happy and your marriage deserves your time and attention, let me show you how: 

    -Learn ways to reconnect, emotionally and physically. 

    -Discover how endless arguments about sex that can be resolved quickly and peacefully. 

    -Solve the issue of mismatched desire patterns.

    -Learn ways to resolve sexual difficulties, pain and traumas together as a sexual team.

    -Add some excitement back into the bedroom! Sexual health is part of overall mental health!

    What’s the difference between “traditional” 50-80  minute couples therapy and the immersive program

    You get to decide which option is best for you.

    Traditional Couples Therapy: 

    -Virtual Therapy appointments
    -Loss of momentum

    -Change happens slowly
    -Current events/ fights get in the way of your goals
    -Just when you get to the heart of the matter your time is up and you have to go.
    -Other things get in the way of appointments…schedules, travel plans, work, etc

    -Complimentary virtual consultation to determine fit

    Couples Sex Therapy Intensive Retreat: 

    In Person Sessions
    Faster progress
    -Resolve issues completely
    -Creates momentum for change
    -Focused attention on your relationship 
    -Feel more connected immediately
    -Go deep and change patterns in 1 day!!
    -Get insider sex therapist tips and tools to use today!
    -Complimentary virtual consultation to determine fit
    -Leave feeling invigorated regarding the relationship
    -I’m able to do a DEEP DIVE into your relationship and help you have more clarity, healing and breaking old patterns and cycles immediately!

    In just the first day of the Couples Retreat we’ll accomplish what takes 3-6 months to do in traditional therapy.  

    Accelerated Couples Sex Therapy Intensive Retreat options:

    1. ONE DAY INTENSIVE: includes a full day, one on one, couples session to solve problems and get you back on track. OR

    2. TWO DAY INTENSIVE:  includes two full days of digging deep into your relationship and creating long lasting change using new tools and skills. This is a great option for a couples “retreat” whether you’re in Denver or flying in from out of town. OR

    3. ONE DAY INTENSIVE PLUS FOLLOW UP SESSIONS: includes a full day, one on one, couples session, 3-2 hr follow up sessions. We’ll create long lasting positive effects in your relationship with follow up sessions to stay on track.

    -Half day follow up sessions are available after your initial retreat. 


    “At our age we never thought we’d be sexual again but now I can’t keep my hands off him. Thank you for giving us our intimate life back to us! ” 

    Janelle you are incredible. You’ve done so much for us, I could never thank you enough. “

    “You kept us together during the hardest times in our relationship and now we have an awesome relationship. We learned so much from you! Thank you.”

    *My practice is poly and kink-aware and LGBTQIA-inclusive. I respect all races, cultures, religions (or none), ages, ethnicities, abilities, and erotic templates.

    *There is no sexual contact between the couple or between the couple and therapist during this program.

    A Positive Environment for Everyone

    I am an AASECT-Certified Sex Therapist and Supervisor (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists) focusing on attachment and Sex-Positive Therapy.


    As a Sex Positive therapist addressing your sexual concerns requires a welcoming, affirming, and supportive space. You deserve to be heard, seen, and respected in our work together.

    Sex Positive Therapy values all aspects of sexuality, reduces shame, reinforces self-esteem, and strengthens intimate relationships. I strive to provide space to find healing from sexual shame and trauma. You are not broken. I will support you in your journey to find your sexual voice and identity. As a result, you will be closer to living authentically as your true self.

    My practice serves the LGBTQIA community and I am poly and kink-aware. When you visit me for therapy, you can expect an inclusive, respectful environment that serves relationships, couples and individuals of all identities and expressions.

    Sexual therapy with me can help in addressing a variety of issues, including:

    Mismatched Sexual Drive and Desires, Open Relationships, Orgasm Difficulty, Painful Intercourse, Pelvic Pain, Polyamory, Sex “Addiction”, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Orientation wonderings, Sexual Trauma, Compulsive Sexual Behaviors, Erectile Dysfunction, Gender Identity exploration, Infidelity and Trust Concerns, Kink and BDSM, LGBTQIA Concerns, Low Libido or loss of Sex Drive.

    *Please note that my practice only provides talk therapy. There will not be any nudity or sexual contact between the therapist and the client or between clients.

    Therapy for Sexual Trauma: A Space to Heal

    The ability to form close, sexual relationships through physical intimacy varies from person to person. A history of sexual abuse, broken boundaries, emotional disconnection, or traumatic experiences can make sexual intimacy confusing and difficult. As a consequence, these complications may affect an individual’s ability to establish and maintain safe, healthy, intimate relationships.

    If you have experienced sexual trauma, healing is possible. I CAN HELP! I assist clients through sexual abuse therapy and EMDR therapy (when indicated). This type of therapy can help you to regain a positive sexual self-concept and voice. I help you to reclaim their sexuality, feel healthy, and experience pleasure in a way that is most comfortable for you.

    Whether you’re dealing with the aftermath of childhood sexual abuse or adult trauma, my practice is dedicated to helping you build a life you love. EMAIL ME AND LETS TALK…