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    Intensive Couples Therapy Programs in Denver, Colorado

    At Janelle Washburne’s Denver-based practice, you and your significant other can participate in a unique, intensive couples therapy program designed to help couples in various stages of their relationships. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist with over 15 years of experience providing a customized, multidisciplinary approach tailored to each couple’s specific needs.

    The Intensive Couples Therapy Retreat

    Our intensive couples therapy retreat provides a deep dive into your relationship, allowing you to accomplish what typically takes three to six months of traditional therapy in a single, day-long session. Through immersive and experiential exercises, communication coaching and a deeper understanding of each other, I help you and your partner gain the necessary connection and tools to maintain a healthy and loving relationship. This program is ideal for married couples, those in long-term relationships, and couples preparing for a significant transition, such as cohabitation or marriage.

    Intensive Couples Sex Therapy

    Our intensive couples sex therapy program focuses on reigniting the passion and connection in your intimate life. I leverage my extensive experience as a sex therapist to address various challenges and provide personalized solutions. Like our intensive couples therapy retreat, this program is fully customized to each couple’s unique situation, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

    Understanding the Process of Intensive Couples Therapy

    Our intensive couples therapy process begins with a free, one-hour consultation, during which we discuss your relationship goals and concerns. Before the accelerated therapy session begins, I will send assessments and  questionnaires to you in order to gather key information about you, your partner and your relationship. This will allow me to tailor the program specifically to your needs.

    My multidisciplinary approach incorporates various techniques, such as Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), attachment focused therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and psychobiological methods (PACT) and more to ensure a comprehensive experience. After completing the intensive program, you and your partner will have the tools needed to create a healthy, happy, and lasting relationship. Additionally, we will hold follow-up sessions to help maintain and reinforce the positive changes achieved during the intensive couples therapy session. This customized process ensures that your relationship receives the support it truly deserves.

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    Ready to experience transformational change in your relationship? Contact me, Janelle Washburne, today to schedule your free, one-hour consultation and learn more about the intensive couples therapy and couples sex therapy programs I provide in Denver, Colorado.