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    I realize seeking therapy can be a daunting task, I’m here to help you through the process. Whether you are struggling with your relationship, communication, sex life, anxiety, depression, loneliness, life transitions or trauma, together we can work to help you heal and use your strengths to live an authentic, happier and healthier life. It’s my honor to walk this healing journey with you. 

    Ask about my INTENSIVE SESSIONS FOR COUPLES AND INDIVIDUALS. Let’s get 3-6 months of therapy completed in 1 day! 

    Email me to get started: [email protected]

    Couples Therapy and Couples Intensive Retreats

    Has your relationship become stale? In crisis? Or the connection and friendship is gone? Let me help you get back on track with specific tools to guide you back together and create the relationship you've longed for. Let's get started today...

    Couples Sex Therapy and Couples Sex Intensive Retreats

    Do you feel like the passion and intimate connection has left your relationship? Or your communication about sex is a struggle and you have the same circular fights over and over? With the right personalized tools and guidance we'll create the connection and intimacy you've longed for in your relationship.

    Couples Reconnection Retreats

    No time for weekly therapy sessions? Or you're in crisis? Let's dig in and fix it fast with a couples intensive retreat personalized for you and what's happening in your relationship now. Follow up sessions are available to keep the momentum going. Contact Janelle Washburne today.

    Individual Therapy

    Healing from life transitions? Trauma? Betrayal? Loneliness? You don't have to figure it out alone. It's my honor to walk this journey of life with you. Let's do this together. and be a happier, healthier you!

    LGBTQIA+ Support

    As an ally I offer affirming, supportive therapy to those who identify as LGBTQ+. Whether you're questioning your identity or struggling in your relationships I'm here to help. You're not alone, let's do this together!


    Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) TherapyHeal the past and live a happier life now. EMDR is a proven trauma therapy that has helped many people dealing with all kinds of unwanted and /or disturbing events. Let me help you heal and feel more alive in your life.

    Reach out today! Lets get started creating a better life for you...

    I offer in person sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays. 

    Teletherapy sessions only on Tuesday and Thursdays. 

    My Couples Intensive Retreats (and follow ups) are offered in person on Fridays.