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  • Sex Therapy for Performance Anxiety in Men

    As a therapist whose practice focuses on helping people with sexual issues, I can tell you that many of individuals who contact me for help are men. And over the years, most of these men have suffered from premature ejaculation (PE). While there can be different things that cause PE, the usual culprit is performance anxiety.

    When it comes to performance anxiety in men, there are a few common causes:


    Pornography and the media has given many people, both men and women, unrealistic expectations for their own performance expectations and sex lives. Many men feel if they can’t attain and sustain an erection for a long period of time, like the men in porn, they will disappoint their partner. This is not true.


    Performance anxiety can also come about because of stressors like financial difficulties, relationship resentments, worries or general anxieties and pressure at work. Stress for men and women make it hard (no pun intended) to feel sexy.

    Changes in the Relationship

    More often than not, the men I counsel have suffered performance anxiety because their feelings about their partner have changed. Sometimes, men have trouble performing because they find themselves falling in love with their partner, and sometimes men have trouble performing sexually when they find themselves falling out of love with their partner. Yes, men’s emotions effect their sex life!

    We have all been led to believe that men are hardwired completely differently than women. And while there are obvious differences, the truth is, men aren’t always “ready to go” or able to get an erection whenever they want. 

    How Sex Therapy Can Help

    The good news is, often a man’s penis acts as a barometer for his physical, mental and emotional health. If you are suffering from performance anxiety, there’s a very good chance you are dealing with some other stress or struggle in your life.

    In sex therapy I provide men with a non-judgmental space in which to explore their life, stress and relationships. I can take a situation that may feel awkward and turn it into a great therapeutic experience where you can deal with whatever underlying issues may be going on so you can have your sex life back on track.

    If you’d like to explore sex therapy, please get in touch with me. I’d be happy to discuss how I may be able to help. [email protected]