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  • How to Heat Up Your Marriage

    Have you ever watched and waited for a pot of water on the stove to boil? It seems to take forever!! If I grow impatient with waiting for this water to boil I may even turn up the temperature to a hotter degree. 

    Have you ever thought that your relationship may be the same as a pot of water that you’re waiting to boil and heat up? Stay with me…

    If you take tap water from the kitchen faucet and place it in a pan it’s probably going to be luke warm or even cool. Your relationship may be luke warm (or cool) like this pot of water due to a lack of time or attention. Luke warm in your marriage or relationship may look like day to day logistical conversations, boring but necessary. Or your relationship may feel cool if there’s been a disagreement that hasn’t been resolved and you’re still feeling hurt. 

    Now if you turn up the heat a little bit under this pan of water it will start to warm up! What does this look like in your relationship? A kind touch, a longer than usual hug, a sincere apology, a word or two of appreciation for your partner. Here we go…

    Turn up the heat a little more and the pot of water will bubble to a simmer. What would this look like in your relationship? Couch time where you talk about how you’re “really” doing/ feeling without blaming the other? Going to bed together without devices? Turn off the TV and talk with each other…eye to eye? 

    How do we get the pot of water (your relationship) to boiling? TURN UP THE HEAT!! Spend quality time together connecting, making out, cuddling in bed, touching for pleasure and intimate touching. 

    And that’s how you take your relationship/ sex life from luke warm or cool to boiling…TURN UP THE HEAT. 

    If you need help getting your relationship to boiling reach out to me today. I look forward to chatting with you.