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  • How to Fit Romance Back into Your Life

    It’s natural in any romantic relationship that as time passes, the “newness” and “butterflies” gives way to the routine. You always know what to expect from your partner, and you’ve heard all their stories. While your love for your partner has grown and matured along with you and your relationship, it’s not uncommon for what was once a fiery passion to have fizzled out over the years and/or decades.

    All areas of a relationship takes work, and romance in your relationship is no exception. If you’re looking for ways to stoke the fire of romance and sexuality with your spouse or significant other, below are some tips that can help.

    Listen More

    It’s always more difficult to hear than to be heard. You might feel like you know everything there is to know about your partner, but people change and your partner may surprise you by sharing something new or in more depth. Make an effort to ask more questions, and really listen to your partner’s responses with interest. Ask them how their day was and ask follow up questions, probe them about their current interests, and talk to them as you would if you were getting to know a new friend…go deeper. 

    Touch Often

    Research has shown that physical touch is a form of non-verbal communication that satisfies the desire for a physical connection. A lack of physical touch is often construed as a lack of physical affection, which can greatly decrease relationship satisfaction. Show your partner affection by making an effort to touch your partner’s skin through a hug, a touch of their arm, hand or back. Practice a 20 second hug and a 6 second kiss.

    Try New Activities Together

    No matter how long you’ve been with your partner, there are bound to be things you’ve wanted to do together that you haven’t gotten around to. Or perhaps there are things you’d love to try that you never thought of before, if only you could discover them. Whether it’s joining a hiking group, trying a new wine bar, or exploring your sexual fantasies as a team, enjoying new and different activities together is sure to help bring back the excitement and spark that may be missing from your relationship.

    Revisit the Past

    Reminisce about the good times in your relationship or take a weekend trip to your honeymoon spot, revisit the place where you had your first date, where you got engaged or your old stomping grounds. Revisiting familiar places either in your minds or physically will help rekindle the warmth you once had togehter. 


    Keep in mind that relationships are never perfect, and that it’s natural to have ups and downs with your partner. If you’re going through a difficult time, know that things can improve. With love, trust, and intentionality, you can help your relationship with your partner get back on track. 

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