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  • Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

    Does it feel like everyone is living their “best life” or the life of their dreams, but you? Everywhere you look it seems that people have a partner, lots of happy friends, close family members, parties to attend and great clothes to wear! Except for you? Let’s unpack how to handle FOMO…

    1. Commercials and Ads are NOT real life. Companies are trying to sell you their products by making you think that if you buy what they’re selling you’ll feel amazing and look great while surrounded by beautiful, happy people. Your life is not a commercial and neither is anyone else’s. 

    2. Other’s highlight reel is not their real life. We all see social media posts of friend’s great vacations in Hawaii or Europe and it looks fabulous (and we’re happy for them) but this is not their every day life. We need a reality check that other’s posts of their great times is not the same as their (or our) every day life. 

    3. Take a social media break. How much time do you find yourself scrolling endlessly on social media each day? week? That is time you’ll never get back and instead of seeing the exciting things others are doing it might be time for you to starting doing it for yourself. 

    Not every minute of every day needs to be thrilling and exciting. What can you do with your time when you stop measuring yourself against other’s lives? Have you been longing to start exercising? Meditating? Journaling? Catching up with friends one on one?  Once we stop comparing our “every day” life to other’s social media life we can feel more content and at peace with our “real” life and not compare it to other’s “reel” life then our FOMO will disappear and we can feel like we are living our best life too.