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  • Does Online Couple’s Therapy Work?

    Our recent global pandemic has caused many people in the US and beyond to work from home for many months/years. This has caused a lot of stress and strain for families and couples. And, often this kind of change and sudden stress can bring underlying relationship issues to the surface in a relationship.

    Because of the pandemic many therapists have given up their physical offices and replaced their therapy office with an online platform. Which is best for you…online therapy or in person couple’s therapy? Here you get to choose!!

    What is Online Couple’s Therapy?

    Online couples therapy offers the same benefits as face-to-face therapy, with the added convenience and privacy of getting the help and support you need from the convenience of your home. Usually, sessions are held via video chat and with the couple in the same location. However, online couples therapy can be particularly beneficial for those couples where one is traveling for business or the couple may be living apart because of a long distance relationship or military deployment.

    So what are some other reasons couples may choose to try online therapy as opposed to face-to-face therapy?

    • It’s easier for those couples with busy schedules and they don’t have to fight traffic or find parking
    • Convenient for those couples living in geographically isolated areas (rural America as opposed to big cities)
    • Some people find going out into public or driving stressful
    • Couples may not want to be seen by anyone in their local community walking into a therapist’s office
    • When one or both partners has a disability that makes attending in-person therapy more challenging

    Online therapy is similar to traditional therapy, in most cases, therapists do nearly everything online that they might do in person with a couple. The only real difference is that it may take a little bit longer to get comfortable with the therapist because as human beings we tend to connect more when they are in each other’s physical space than over a screen. 

    When Online Couples Therapy is Not a Good Idea

    While online couples therapy can be very effective and beneficial to a majority of couples, there are those situations when it would not be recommended. For instance, in the case of domestic violence. When there are abuse or violence, the partners are not equal (ie, partners are not contributing equally to the problems) and the goal should not be to keep a victim in a dangerous relationship. 

    Some other instances where online therapy may not be suitable:

    • If the couple has outdated technology and/or can’t access the internet
    • One or both partners distrusts technology or feels anxious about sharing over the internet
    • One or both partners feels uncomfortable having sessions in the home and would prefer a more professional setting
    • It can also be more difficult to experience the full benefit of therapeutic exercises that the therapist facilitates. 

    If you’d like to explore what’s best for you regarding couples therapy options  please reach out to me. I’d be happy to discuss how I may be able to help.