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  • 6 Signs Your Marriage is in Distress

    6 Signs Your Marriage is in Distress:

    1. You find yourselves being too busy to spend quality time together. I get it, with kids, work, friends, family, pets, the gym…there’s no time to connect with your partner! Wait a minute…shouldn’t your partner, the one you love, be your first priority?! Yes! I’m not saying ignore everything else but if you can’t make time for your relationship it will wither and die.

    2. You limit your communication to avoid stepping on eggshells. Is your communication with your partner filled with digs, pokes and hurts? This will shut down communication in a relationship faster than you can say, “Ouch!” Have you ever seen a couple in a restaurant eating without talking or only on their cellphones? They haven’t run out of things to say…they’ve run out of things to say that won’t start a fight! This isn’t a way to live out your life. Learning healthy communication is key to a long lasting relationship.

    3. You disagree about wanting sex or not wanting sex and you argue about this frequently or have given up and can’t talk about it without a huge blowup. Physical intimacy is important in an intimate relationship…it’s what makes your relationship different from all other relationships in your life. Emotional intimacy and Physical intimacy go hand in hand!!

    4. You assume the worst in your partner. Do you assume your partner is trying to hurt you or get to you by their words and/or actions? If you assume negative intent from your partner, that’s what you’ll see.

    5. You feel anger and resentment toward your partner. Anger and resentment grow when time has passed and issues haven’t been addressed. Again, without healthy communication skills this can feel like another land mine. Underlying anger and resentment can kill any relationship.

    6. You’ve checked out of the relationship. Maybe you complain to others about your marriage issues or you withdraw from your partner emotionally or physically. When we withdraw from our partners our anger and resentment go under ground but it can still be felt in the relationship and can cause damage.

    If you are experiencing any of the above problems in your relationship, reach out to me. I can help get you back on track and create the relationship you’ve been longing for. Email me at: [email protected]