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  • 5 Ways a Couples Intensive Retreat Can Save Your Marriage

    Have you ever wondered if the problems in your relationship can be solved? Do you feel like roommates? Does it seem like you’ve tried “everything” to save your marriage and nothing has worked? 

    According to John Gottman “less than 10% of couples seek counseling before getting divorced” and the divorce rate in the U.S. is 40-50% for first marriages and 60-67% for second marriages, according to the American Psychological Association. 

    These are some of the reasons that couples choose my private Accelerated Couples Intensive Retreat! Let’s give your relationship a fighting chance to survive and even thrive!! Don’t wait until it’s too late, let me help get you back on track NOW!

    Here’s 5 ways my private Accelerated Couples Intensive Retreat can save your relationship:

    1. FOCUSED TIME: when we schedule a one day or 2 day retreat couples don’t have to deal with the everyday distractions of work, family, kids, friends etc. Many couples don’t have the time or energy to do weekly couples counseling so they prefer the one-on-one in person sessions to dedicate focused time and attention to their partner and their relationship. 

    2. HEAL PAST HURTS: Over time hurtful events and misunderstandings can create resentments and wounds in a marriage. In the intensive workshop we’ll have plenty of time to work through these issues in a deep and healing way so you don’t leave the session with issues still unresolved and feeling worse than when you arrived.

    3. GAIN A NEW PERSPECTIVE: How many times have you had the same fight over and over, repeating painful cycles of disagreements in your marriage? I can help you change the pattern and create new ways of relating and communicating with each other. Let’s give your relationship a reboot and help you to see each other with new eyes and fresh perspective. 

    4. LEARN NEW SKILLS AND TOOLS: I don’t practice just 1 form of couples therapy. I use the best tools in the field of couples and sex therapy to fit each individual couple. I customized a plan just for the two of you given the concerns you’d like us to work on. I’ll help you communicate more effectively and teach you new ways to relate and connect again emotionally and intimately in your relationship.

    5. JUMP START YOUR RELATIONSHIP: 1 or 2 day intensive sessions are a great way to dive deep into your relationship and gain clarity and traction immediately. “Traditional” therapy can feel like progress happens slowly over time, with a private Accelerated Couples Intensive progress happens in the first day!! We’ll accomplish in one day what usually takes 3-6 months to do in traditional therapy.

    **Follow up sessions are available to keep the momentum going. 

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