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  • Would You Rather Be Happy or Be Right?

    In the couples I work with, one partner often becomes stubborn about their position in the relationship, they are right and their partner is wrong! Often, most times, this doesn’t work. Why not? Because when one partner is right it makes the other person wrong, and nobody likes to be wrong. Let’s face it we all like to save face and none of us like to think were defective or wrong. If I’m right then you must be wrong. If you’re right then I must be wrong. Most of us can’t live with this thought of being wrong. So instead I dig my heels into my position and make myself right at all costs. Sometimes that cost is our relationship. If I point the finger at my partner that means I don’t have to change. That means my partner needs to do all the work. Which makes them wrong and me right. It’s easy for me. I don’t have to be introspective and I don’t have to be self aware. I can just point the finger and place the blame somewhere other than back at me. This limits my growth and insight. And what I don’t learn in this relationship I am doomed to repeat in my next relationship.