Couples Counseling: Connection, Communication, Creative

Couples Therapy in Denver, ColoradoDoes Communicating with Your Partner Feel Impossible?

Whether it’s relationship counseling, couples therapy or premarital counseling, everyone has relationship struggles from time to time. With the right tools and a little practice we can create a healthier, more satisfying relationship with less conflict and better communication. Together we will create more connection, respect, love, fun and a stronger bond for you as a couple.

Perhaps You’ve Become More Like “Roommates”

People are meant to connect and to bond with each other. If you’re feeling disconnected or lonely in your relationship we can work together to create the closeness and intimacy that you’ve been yearning for. You can reinvigorate your relationship again.

Relationships Can Heal from Betrayal and Infidelity

Whatever your struggles, I can help by using different tools, education and strategies specific to your situation to help you heal, recover, discover and enjoy your relationship more than you ever thought was possible. With practical ideas, that you practice at home, this process to a healthy, satisfying relationship moves even faster.

What ultimately counts in the life of the couple is what happens after their courtship, love affair or infatuation phase. What counts is their ability to be there for one another, no matter what.

Stan Tatkin


I offer a kink aware-competent, inclusive LGBT practice. I appreciate all cultures, religions, relationships, ages, ethnicities and erotic templates.